[tei-council] First draft of TC M 27, notes from Wednesday's call, are up

James Cummings James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Nov 24 02:03:31 EST 2006

> council members. This would occur in the context where several of these 
> projects are actually thinking of establishing joint basic guidelines to 
> be widely disseminated and possibly endorsed by one German funding 
> agency (cf. the AHRC-AHDS model in the UK).

Interesting, working for the AHDS, I would be interested to know more details 
about this if they do create such a relationship.

> I would thus like to have feedback from all concil members on:
> 1) are the 26-27 April OK for you all

OK for me.

> 2) would you be ready to be in Berlin on 25 April as well for such a 
> workshop

Perfectly fine with me.

Dr James Cummings, Oxford Text Archive/AHDS:LLL, University of Oxford
James dot Cummings at oucs dot ox dot ac dot uk

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