[tei-council] Re: q 'n quote

Conal Tuohy Conal.Tuohy at vuw.ac.nz
Thu Nov 16 22:12:33 EST 2006

Matthew wrote:

> I suggest we change the definition in the Guidelines. The 
> word "break" implies, 
> and the text makes explicit, that a <pb> comes between one 
> page and another and 
> thus cannot come at the beginning of the document -- which, I 
> think we all 
> agree, logically it must. Ditto the other b's. And 
> <handShift>, come to think 
> of it.

I agree that it must mark the beginning rather than the end of a page.
The guidelines say that it should, but not (I think) that it must. I
think it should be tightened up. Perhaps we could declare that pb stands
for "page beginning"?

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