[tei-council] should an ODD say which version of the TEI it applies to?

James Cummings James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Nov 14 05:34:39 EST 2006

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Of course, an ODD document is itself a TEI document, and can use the
> @version attribute
> on its own <TEI>. Would that do? If you don't want the default, provide
> a manual override
> of <TEI version="5.0"> when 5.1 comes out.

Seems reasonable but possibly confusing.  I know I'm just looking for problems
now but doesn't that say that the ODD is authored in TEI 5.0, not what version
of the TEI the schemaSpec refers to?  Is it even possible for me to author
something in TEI 5.1 but want to create a 5.0 schema from it (for whatever
conceivable reason I might want to do that!)?

> Note that the ODD processing _does_ produce an intermediate file
> with all the expanded info in it (Lou was using this for another
> application recently). You can get this by saying --debug on
> command-line Roma, and you'll see foo.compiled.odd

I strongly believe most people I recommend to use Roma will be using its web
front-end.  So if there was a method to produce this from the web front-end then
that would be good.  However, another argument is that say depositors to the OTA
(or wherever) shouldn't worry about this, and it should be the job of those
accessioning the resource to create an expanded ODD.  But, I'm in favour of
being able to do almost anything one can do on the command-line version in the
web version of Roma.

> Maybe we should formalize this a bit more and have an option
> for Roma to generate it?

Sounds good to me.


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