[tei-council] visualizing the TEI

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Oct 17 04:12:35 EDT 2006

Christian Wittern wrote:
> However, I can not pretend to understand it.  I looked at div.svg and
> it is not immediately obvious where div gets most of its content
> (apart from top and bottom stuff), for example where does it gets <p>
> from?
macro.component, from memory
> I think it would be best linked from the reference matter for each of
> the components.  
we're considering how  to do that. the main problem
is that the SVG is not "intelligent". If I increase the text
in a box, for example, the diagram does not expand.
I'd like to add a link after each name to the corresponding
conventional documentation, but thats not easy at present.
>  And there could be different views of the stuff,
> some of them filtering out the underlying plumbing and only show the
> nice, shiny surface.
it would be interesting to try, yes

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