[tei-council] reviewing SA again;what is standoff?

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Thu Oct 12 03:49:34 EDT 2006

> Similarly with XInclude: just because there are lots of uses for it
> other than for stand-off markup, uses that are certainly more popular
> than for stand-off, doesn't mean we shouldn't suggest using it for
> stand-off. 

I think part of the problem is 14.9 is entitled 'Stand-off Markup' and 
yet all it discusses in-depth is XInclude as a method to do this.

Specifically 14.9.3 is "Doing stand-off markup in TEI" and only 
mentions XInclude.  Perhaps the first paragraph should mention that 
there are other ways to do this?  While I agree XInclude is one method 
to do stand-off markup, and that many of the other methods are 
mentioned in other places in chapter 14, this makes the implication 
(to me pretending to be an unfamiliar user of the TEI at least) that 
XInclude is the only way to do stand-off markup in the TEI. Is this 
really what we intend?


Dr James Cummings, Oxford Text Archive, University of Oxford

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