[tei-council] reviewing SA again;what is standoff?

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Wed Oct 11 11:48:47 EDT 2006

> OK; but the examples in 14.9 just look so artificial. Pulling in
> each line of the poem text using an xpointer range - would anyone
> _really_ ever do that?

Well, yes. This is pretty similar to the technique used at Edinburgh
described in that Thompson & McKelvie paper to which I provided a
pointer a while back. They used a kludge based on the TEI extended
pointer syntax back then, and put the attrs on the element, rather
than in a special element inside it, but same idea.

> Can you come up with a worked-out multiple-hierarchy example
> instead?

I'm hoping to have one, but in the multiple-hierarchy chapter, NH.

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