[tei-council] reviewing SA again;what is standoff?

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Oct 10 15:27:19 EDT 2006

Syd Bauman wrote:
> On rereading, I don't understand what you're saying Sebastian. The
> markup in document A makes claims about how the paragraphs and images
> in document B relate to each other? IMHO that is one perfectly
> reasonable use of stand-off markup. But you imply that the markup in
> document A is limited to making claims about the markup in document B
> -- why can't it make claims about the content? 
oh, it can. I am not saying "your" sort of standoff
is at all wrong, or doesn't happy. All I am claiming,
on little evidence, is that is rarer.

> No, and IMHO it almost certainly should be. Lou still holds that
> entity references are the way to do these things, though. 
if I offer to break his legs, maybe he'll change his mind.

I wonder if XInclude in an entity works?

 <!ENTITY here "<xi:include href='foo.bar'/>">
> Remember that what it means is that you do not have to worry about
> getting your ODD just right so that your schema permits <xi:include>
> where you need it. It does not prevent you from doing this, but gives
> you permission to skip this step, and just rely on your processor's
> capability to do the XInclude processing before validation. 
its just a matter of wording, but I don't think
the current 14.9 reads like your paragraph above......

> Remember that 14.9 was conceived and written
> by a stand-off markup theorist (David Durand) and a stand-off markup
> practitioner (Fabio Vitali), and was at least approved of, if not
> thought highly of and actively encouraged by an implementer (Jessica
> Hekman), two computational linguists (Nancy Ide and Jean Carletta),
> and one TEI editor (me). Oh yes, and then approved by Council.
Still and all, if what they end up writing doesn't
make sense to me, I have to question it.

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