[tei-council] dating attributes

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Mon Oct 9 18:31:09 EDT 2006

> my brain hurts. when is normalization not regularisation?

Never, normalization always includes regularization. Regularization,
on the other hand, may not include normalization. 

Mind you, these words are not all that precise in the wild, but I am
using them for particular meanings: 

* to regularize is to make regular (so that the syntax is
  predictable, I guess)
* to normalize is to make regular with respect to a particular
  standard or whatever (so not only is the syntax predictable, but
  you're following someone's published rules about it)

So one might regularize the word "oxen" to "oxes"; one might
normalize it to "bos taurus".

One might regularize "seven and a half cents" to "7.5 ¢"; one
might normalize it to "$0.075".

[Imagine the following example with proper symbols instead of words
One might regularize "22 shillings" to "1 pound 2 shillings", one
might normalize it to "1 pound 10 pence" (did I get that right?).

I'm not sure from where I got these distinctions; Julia, maybe? 

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