[tei-council] another Roma idea

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at loria.fr
Mon Oct 9 02:24:41 EDT 2006

Hi there,
This is not a general idea, but something very practical that we need  
to both make ODD/Roma more usable but also as a contribution to the  
issue of conformity. We have, in the TEI council and elsewhere,  
discussed on a regular basis how we could make sure that we avoid  
putting TEI users in a weird situation when they customize the TEI  
elements so extensively that they manage to get  rid of some  
essential elements (most of the time by mistake), like <text>.  The  
proposed idea would thus be to implement an ODD build-in mechanism  
that would just block some elements (or even lower level declaration  
within elements I would think, like: this element is necessarily a  
member of this class; it is required that this attribute always come  
with this element etc.).
Still, the discussion lsat week came from the people using the TEI  
themselves. The question was how to enforce (this time bottom-up) the  
conformity of a schema to the baseline directives of a project  
consortium. For instance, how con we make sure that all dictionary  
projects minimally use entry, form, gramGrp and possibly that they  
are all conformant to the declaration that <gen>'s value are limited  
to m, f and n (yes , it was in Germany...). Loading a constraint file  
into Roma before any other customization activity is conducted should  
also see to do the trick.
I think this last use case is quite interesting for us with regards  
the issue of conformance, isn't it?

Le 8 oct. 06 à 19:28, Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :

> Syd Bauman wrote:
>> Again, general idea sounds very good. But how and where is this flag
>> stored? Does each <*Spec> element get a new attribute
>>   attribute mutable { tei.boolean }
>> ?
> yes, set to "false" in the Guidelines. An ODD
> can change it, but once it's changed to true,
> that locks the *Spec from then on.
> I admit, this may take some working
> through in the head. It may not work.
> Its more Laurent's baby than mine,
> I am curious as to whether others
> see an application of it.
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