[tei-council] date proposal

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Sun Oct 8 20:37:38 EDT 2006

> This sounds wholesome. My only immediate question has to do with
> whether we can make a datatype configurable. If so, we might absorb
> @normw3c into @norm. They have much in common, and since @norm
> would have to specify its calendar somewhere, might we also let it
> specify that it is a w3c date by specifying a data.temporal.w3c
> datatype?

But might one not want to express both the regularization of the
string against the calender in which the date is expressed (Lou's
norm=, my reg=) and the normalization of the date in the
(propleptic-)Gregorian calendar (Lou's normW3C=, my norm=)?

   If I were in Afghanistan, it would be <date norm="2006-10-08"
   reg="1385-07-16" calendar="Persian">Mehr 16, 1385</date>, because
   I would be using the Jal&#x0101;li, or Persian, calendar.

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