[tei-council] dating attributes

Lou's Laptop lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sun Oct 8 19:05:36 EDT 2006

So, is the collective wisdom of a mind that all members of att.datable 
get the following attributes:

@startingExactly  (was "@from")
@endingExactly   (was "@to")
@onDate  (was variously @value, @date, @norm)

[all of these being of datatype data.temporal.w3c]


[all of which are of datatype data.temporal]

Looks a tad excessive to me...

The trouble is that just having a global change for data.temporal really 
doesn't cut it -- you don't want to use French revolutionary dates in 
your <change> elements, even if you want them in your text.

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Lou's Laptop wrote:
>> That doesnt really help with interchange, since it means all bets are 
>> always off.
>> I'd rather have an attribute which reliably gives me a normalised 
>> date, and another one which might require some fancy processing.
> OK. but in that case, play it simple and replace all attributes with 
> iso- and user- alternatives, don't
> simultaneously try and be clever with attributes qualifying other 
> attributes. 10 simple attributes
> replacing old 5 simple attributes seems  better to me.

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