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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sun Oct 8 13:32:58 EDT 2006

David J Birnbaum wrote:
> Do we have a standard mechanism for date-stamping in general? It seems 
> that needing to review the Bulgarian translation of a description 
> because the English one has changed may not be all that different from 
> having to update chapter QX because chapter XQ, which refers to it, 
> has changed.
no, I don't see it being addressed anywhere. We do have Subversion date 
stamps on the file level, but that
doesnt really help
> Similarly, Syd's argument about what counts as the "last updated" date 
> would seem to apply to updates of any sort in any project. Is there a 
> "best practice" among software developers for dealing with this?
software tends to have atomic files which mean something. so the version 
control system
takes care of this sort of thing.

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