[tei-council] dating attributes

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sun Oct 8 11:02:49 EDT 2006


- we currently have variously proposed attributes @notBefore @notAfter 
@to @from and @value
- these attributes all have a datatype of data.temporal which being 
expanded turns out to match simple w3c-conformant dates, or various ISO 
formats, or one we dreamed up all on our own, and thus provide headaches 
for simple minded validation software
- and moreover all normalized values are understood  (in a way they were 
not previously) to represent values in a single calendar system which is 
not necessarily that convenient


1. all elements the content of which describes either a point or a span 
in time should carry the same set of attributes, and constitute members 
of the att.datable class
2, the members of the att.datable class shall be @notBefore, @notAfter, 
@normw3c @norm, and @exact
3. @notBefore and @notAfter have the same significance as at present. 
Their datatype is data.temporal.user (see below)
4. @normw3c contains a normalized representation of a nodern calendar 
date in W3C format, like the current @value. Its datatype is 
5. @norm contains a normalized representation of a date in any 
user-chosen calendar according to a defined format. Its datatype is 
data.temporal.user, and the calendar is specified somewhere (not sure 
where) in the header.
6. @exact indicates which ends of the date range indicate by @notBefore 
and @notAfter can be considered exact: it has three possible values 
"from" "to" "both". So for example 'notbefore="x" exact="from"' is 
equivalent to "from='x'"

So far so good, but the devil is assuredly in the detail.


My first thought was that actually I'd rather have ISOnorm than normw3c 
but that may not be an option.

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