[tei-council] handShift anomaly

David J Birnbaum djbpitt+tei at pitt.edu
Tue Oct 3 14:52:24 EDT 2006

Dear Syd (cc Council),

Yes, the one to keep is @new and the one to drop is @old. Although the 
<handShift/> element is empty (or contains only <desc/>), it feels like 
a sort of displaced attribute for what follows, and its attributes most 
naturally would apply to the following, rather than the preceding, text. 
By "feels like" I mean "when I put on my philologist's cap, this is what 
I expect to see."

I'm inclined against <desc/> for the reasons I posted earlier. Lou 
points out correctly that it could be used to make an annotation more 
precise (e.g., "even greener than the other green ink"), but I think a 
more consistent way to encode that would be to have separate "green" and 
"intenseGreen" values, rather than a single green value that can be 
interpreted fully only by looking elsewhere.



Syd Bauman wrote:
>> Can anyone remember where the idea of permitting both @old and @new
>> came from?
> I don't remember at all, and would very much like to keep new= and
> drop old=, although perhaps in that case new= should be renamed (to
> what, I'm not sure).
> As for <desc>, I am currently undecided.
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