[tei-council] Re: chapter names

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Mon Oct 2 23:29:15 EDT 2006

In an effort to help solve the real problem, I've gone ahead and done
what I suggested in Kyoto. I've put (an improved version of) the
stylesheet I used to use to generate a list of chapter names & ID
codes into Sourceforge. If you get an updated P5 directory from
Sourceforge you will find a new routine "Utilities/chapList.xslt". To
run it, issue something like
   xmllint --noent --xinclude /path/to/P5/Source/Guidelines/en/guidelines-en.xml
   | xsltproc /path/to/P5/Utilities/chapterList.xslt
(all on one line).

If you ran it today, the results should look something like the

 The  1st <div1> (AB) has n='1': "About These Guidelines"
 The  2nd <div1> (SG) has n='2': "A Gentle Introduction to XML"
 The  3rd <div1> (ST) has n='3': "The TEI infrastructure"
 The  4th <div1> (CH) has n='4': "Languages and Character Sets"
 The  5th <div1> (HD) has n='5': "The TEI Header"
 The  6th <div1> (CO) has n='6': "Elements Available in All TEI Documents"
 The  7th <div1> (DS) has n='7': "Default Text Structure"
 The  8th <div1> (VE) has n='9': "Base Tag Set for Verse"
 The  9th <div1> (DR) has n='10': "Performance Texts"
 The 10th <div1> (TS) has n='11': "Transcriptions of Speech"
 The 11th <div1> (DI) has n='12': "Print Dictionaries"
 The 12th <div1> (TE) has n='xx': "Terminological Databases"
 The 13th <div1> (MS) has n='': "Manuscript Description"
 The 14th <div1> (SA) has n='14': "Linking, Segmentation, and Alignment"
 The 15th <div1> (AI) has n='15': "Simple Analytic Mechanisms"
 The 16th <div1> (FS) has n='16': "Feature Structures"
 The 17th <div1> (CE) has n='17': "Certainty and Responsibility"
 The 18th <div1> (PH) has n='18': "Transcription of Primary Sources"
 The 19th <div1> (TC) has n='19': "Critical Apparatus"
 The 20th <div1> (ND) has n='20': "Names and Dates"
 The 21th <div1> (GD) has n='21': "Graphs, Networks, and Trees"
 The 22th <div1> (FT) has n='22': "Tables, Formulae, and Graphics"
 The 23th <div1> (CC) has n='23': "Language Corpora"
 The 24th <div1> (SH) has n='24': "Header Elements and Their Relationship to Other Metadata Standards"
 The 25th <div1> (WD) has n='25': "Representation of non-standard characters and glyphs"
 The 26th <div1> (FD) has n='26': "Feature System Declaration"
 The 27th <div1> (TD) has n='27': "Documentation Elements"
 The 28th <div1> (CF) has n='28': "Conformance"
 The 29th <div1> (MD) has n='29': "Modifying and Customizing the TEI DTD"
 The 30th <div1> (IN) has n='30': "Rules for Interchange"
 The 31th <div1> (NH) has n='31': "Multiple Hierarchies"
 The 32th <div1> (REFCLA) has n='33': "Classes"
 The 33th <div1> (REFENT) has n='34': "Macros"
 The 34th <div1> (REFTAG) has n='35': "Elements"
 The 35th <div1> (DT) has n='36': "Obtaining the TEI schemas"

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