[tei-council] handShift anomaly

Lou's Laptop lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sat Sep 30 06:35:45 EDT 2006

This came up in discussion with an attendee of the TEI workshop last 
week ...

According to the text of PH, the attributes @new and @old are optional 
on handShift. However, according to the schema, both (!) are required.

I propose to change the schema to match the documentation (rather than 
the other way round). I also propose to allow <handShift> , currently 
empty, to contain a <desc> element.

This means that an encoder can choose from the following spectrum:

1. Just mark the change of hand
2. Provide a bit of description
     <handShift><desc>starts using green ink</desc></handShift>
3. Point to a more detailed discussion of the new hand
    <handShift new="#greenInk"/> (somewhere else there will be  a 
<handDesc xml:id="greenInk">)
4. Point to a more detailed discussion of both previous and new hands (? 
why you'd want to do this I cannot imagine, but still)
    <handShift new="#greenInk" old="#typeScript"/>
5. Modify the information conveyed by the pointer
   <handShift new="#greenInk">
      <desc>a slightly darker shade than used elsewhere</desc>

Any objections?

for <desc> read "member of model.descLike", of course.

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