[tei-council] on SF FR triage

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Thu Sep 28 10:37:36 EDT 2006

Simply because we were short on time, we spent our time on
yesterday's call that was devoted to Sourceforge feature requests (SF
FRs) discussing several particular issues. There was more to report,
but we held off because both Lou & I felt that the discussion of
those particular issues was more pressingly important. But lest
Council think that is all that the editors have done wiht respect to
our assigned task, I will just say that there has been a lot of work
behind this. Between us we have read every single feature request
(there are 90 or so of 'em), considered how important and how hard to
implement each one is, and acted on approximately a dozen. We have
closed over half a dozen of 'em, and re-opened one or two that were
closed erroneously.

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