[tei-council] SourceForge Feature Requests: half a preliminary report...

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Sep 26 18:30:43 EDT 2006

    As previously noted, although at our last call the editors volunteered
    to do some "triage" on the existing sourceforge feature requests
    before this call, other committments got in the way and we have not
    made as much progress as might be desired.

    We have however made a couple of passes through the 100 or so feature
    request items and started sifting them out. All but a few of the
    requests have now been allocated to one or other editor, and we are
    looking through them making a preliminary disposition as further
    evidenced below.

    The rest of this message contains a list of those items currently
    assigned to me which I wanted to bring to Council's attention. I had
    hoped to discuss these with Syd first, but this has not proved
    possible for lack of time.

    For details, please visit http://tei.sf.net and navigate to the
    feature request tracker. Remember to log in if you want to add your
    own comments.

    --------PENDING ITEMS -------

    First, select all items with assignee "any" and status "pending"

    The following SF feature requests have been marked as "pending" for
    implementation in the near future. Council is requested to review and
    comment on these rapidly. The editors' (well, mine) preferred
    disposition is indicated by one of the following codes:

     YES - to be done within the next 14 days
     MAYBE - to be implemented assuming that some details are
     satisfactorily resolved
     NO - not to be implemented within the next 6 months

    1540221: Add <age> as a child of <person> analogous to <sex>  (YES)

    1524368: Change content model of <msIdentifier> to reference class
    model.placeLiLike_sequenceoptional  (YES)

    1442353: Add <listPerson> to att.typed class (YES)

    1550795: Change content model of catDesc to reference
    model.glossLike (YES)

    1058736: Add new <stamp> element to MS module analogous to <seal>

    1007370: Add new <theorem> element as specific kind of <ab> (not clear
    in which module to  put it)  (MAYBE)

    1551357: Relax the content model of <app> to permit generic <note>
    element as well as or instead of the structured <rdg> <lem>
    pairs. This probably needs a class. (MAYBE)

    1007369:  Define a set of default values for rend to indicate block
    and numbering options (NO)

    ---- OPEN ITEMS -----------

    Select all items with assignee "louburnard" and status "open"

    The following SF feature requests are assigned to me, but I have left
    them "open" because I am not sure how to dispose of them. Council is
    requested to review and advise.

    1012817 and 1561323: Various comments on <extent>. How should this
    element be used?

    1308688: Is there need for a new element for "floating" texts which
    are neither embedded <text>s nor <quote>s? I think not, but Julia
    thinks there is.

    1550436: Permit a mixture of <speaker> and <stage> elements at the
    start of an <sp>, and also permit <stage> within <speaker>. I think
    this makes nonsense of the semantics of <speaker> but Espen
    doesn't. (And he's probably tagged more drama than I have!)

    1524523: Define <place>, <placeGrp>, <listPlace> by analogy with
    <person>, <personGrp>, <listPerson>. This is a good idea but probably
    needs a workgroup.

    1531700: The Guidelines are inconsistent, and in some people's minds
    plain wrong, about how the <expan> element should be used. My
    impression is that practice varies greatly here: the Guidelines should
    give a clear statement of the possible choices to be made.

    1504844: Proposes new header elements for use by software updating
    parts of a TEI document. I think the idea is a good one, but I wonder
    how generalisable it is, and whether it might not be better met by use
    of a application-specific namespace, cf 958388.

    1549974: Several useful comments from Richard Light reminding us of
    need to do more work on names and dates and ontologies

    1019594: Some suggestions for enhancing the existing manuscript
    transcription tagset: needs to be reviewed by an expert.


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