[tei-council] on regularizing names

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sat Sep 23 06:37:19 EDT 2006

While I agree that philosophically speaking :

(a) the name exists independently of the thing named
(b) the name which exists independently is not the same as the thing named
(c) there may be many  naming instances, each of which you might want to 
associate with different instances of both the independently-existing 
name and the thing named,

I also observe that this makes lots of peoples' heads hurt very badly.

So we probably need to be careful not to confuse the issue by using the 
same attribute for two different associations.

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Christian Wittern wrote:
>>  However, in
>> the above example, me thinks, it should be
>> <name reg="#JAMES"> or some such, not @key which we already defined as
>> "key    provides a means of locating a full definition for the entity 
>> being named such as a database record key or URI."
>> thus referring to the "entity being named".
> Why can't the name "James" be a first class entity? @key might
> point to record 4567 in The Big Book Of Names, for example.

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