[tei-council] next telecon 12 days away

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Sep 22 13:07:13 EDT 2006

Christian Wittern wrote:
>> I've chatted a bit to MJD about this
> I wonder if we could learn about the results of this?
He should probably speak for hisself, but he is
off to Vilnius. I believe his view is
that we need a <place> and <listPlace>
sooner rather than later, but that
<assert> makes people nervous.
> Anyway, my proposal would be to identify more precisely what needs to
> be done and then find a bunch of people to get this done.  From my
> perspective it looks like another meeting would be necessary for this.
Yes. I am sure it would. The last
meeting was very productive in many ways,
but it now needs a more focussed re-examination
of the elements and classes. Much of
the precise formulation happened after
the meeting, and there has not been a lot
of feedback even from people who were present.
Or indeed much discussion on eg TEI-L, sadly.

It would be sad to go to Victoria without
upbeat news on this front.

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