[tei-council] file names voting results

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Thu Sep 7 04:04:21 EDT 2006

Christian Wittern wrote:
> Well, I would say the filenames as we have them now are more like
> tokens than free text.  I think it would make sense to use them as
> values for @xml:id since you then would immediately understand where
> the reference is going, whereas at the moment, there is only a coded
> value that leaves the reader clueless. 
Unfortunately, references like <ptr target="#TD"/> are
only the tip of the iceberg. To make sense, you also
have to deal with "#TDSG5" and so on.

I am still unclear as to whether most people who
voted "yes" expected the ID of the <div1> to change
as well as the filename, and whether they expected
the name of the generatd HTML to change as well.

I have some sympathy with Lou's view that
the Council should not in general micro-manage
the work of the editors, but since the Council
_was_ bothered about it, _has_ discussed the matter,
and come to a clear decision, we now cannot
avoid dealing with the ramifications.

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