[tei-council] new release for MM?

Lou's Laptop lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Sep 4 19:37:47 EDT 2006

I think we ought to offer the members something. I agree that there 
hasn't been enough change since the last release (in July) to warrant a 
new release purely on the grounds that the previous release has been 
significantly updated, but surely it's still worth making a new snapshot 
release? After all, many of those coming to the MM wont have been in 
Paris anyway -- and there is certainly a fair bit of change since the 
last MM.

Maybe some TEI folks would even regard a slowing down in the rate of 
change to P5 as a positive sign!

 Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Any feelings here on making a new release of P5 for the members 
> meeting in October? If so,
> anything which could be highlighted as a positive advance?
> Looking at the ChangeLog
> (http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/tei/trunk/P5/ReleaseNotes/ChangeLog?revision=1721&view=markup) 
> I don't actually see that its worth it at present for a release, since
> that would have to be frozen at the start of October.
> Still, it's a pity not to be able to go to the Members Meeting
> and offer them goodies. Does this bother anyone else?

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