[tei-council] file names voting results

Lou's Laptop lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Sep 4 09:06:05 EDT 2006

This is one of the reasons why I think this change is a really stupid idea.

I remain convinced that the Council has better things to think about 
than micromanaging filenames. When all members of the Council do as much 
day to day editing of these files as the editors do,I will be readier to 
listen to their opinions about what the files should be called. The 
filenames are not part of the visible inteface to the Guidelines -- as 
Sebastian notes they are exposed *only* in the URL context, and the 
proposed change wouldn#'t affect that anyway. We have repeatedly said 
that we do not plan to change the existing ID values so you are stuck 
with those, unless Sebastian wants to change the scripts used to 
generate web pages in some adhoc way.

Who is supposed to benefit from this absurd change? What is the nature 
of the benefit?

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I can rename the files in Subversion easily enough, but
> was it also a requirement to change the IDs of the <div1>s?
> So now we have
> <div1  n="4" xml:id="CH" type="chapter"> <head>Languages and Character 
> Sets</head>
> and the ID "CH" is referred to elsewhere.
> We may note that it is the ID which is used to create the HTML
> file name in the guidelines on the web, so that will remain CH.html
> (since obviously the original filename is not known at that
> stage).
> I suggest that changing the filename without changing the ID
> is a bad idea. But changing the IDs is a leetle more
> complex than a simple SVN rename, so I thought I'd
> ask first.

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