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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Aug 22 10:32:14 EDT 2006

Lou's Laptop wrote:
>  In terms of complexity, we need to show that it scales up (not a 
> problem) but also that it scales down, which we have not bothered much 
> about historically, in part because of the nature of SGML. And we need 
> to have a metric to assess the interchangeability (that's what the I 
> in TEI is for, remember) 
silly me, thinking it meant "Initiative".....
> of the resulting documents. That's what conformance is.
does "interchangeability" =~ "interoperability"?

if so, the question remains whether you measure interchangeability

 a) as binary, "yes" or "no"
 b) on a range between 1 and 10, where you regard 1 as _better_ than 10
 c) as one of a set of choices where none is better than any others

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