[Fwd: Re: [tei-council] PB reading reminder]

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Aug 14 16:59:13 EDT 2006

Murray McGillivray wrote:
> Lou Burnard wrote:
>> Here as promised are some comments from Dot Porter who will, if she 
>> hasnt already, be shortly joining this group, along with Matthew 
>> Driscoll, on behalf of the TEI Council.
> Lou, I'm going to read these this evening and start replying tomorrow, 
> but in the meantime can you clarify whether "on behalf of TEI Council" 
> applies to "some comments"--i.e. meaning that these comments of Dot's 
> are quasi-official response from Council--or "joining this 
> group"--i.e. meaning that Dot and Matthew have special status in the 
> PB-WG as representatives of Council?
> Murray
Apologies for such a convoluted sentence -- I'm in the throes of packing 
for a trip -- especially as the short answer is "none of the above". 
Council asked me to pass on to you a request for Dot and Matthew to 
participate in the deliberations of your work group, which I duly did. 
Dot's comments are not particularly "official" and the Council as a 
whole has not yet formally reviewed your draft.  However,  I think the 
general tenour of  Dot's comments is in line with such opinions as have 
been expressed to date, which is one reason for wanting her (and 
Matthew) to be in a position to discuss them with you.

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