[tei-council] on conformance document

James Cummings James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Aug 14 07:55:12 EDT 2006

David J Birnbaum wrote:
> Dear Council,
> I agree with James's formulation. In fact, for what it's worth, I agreed
> with James's formulation back in 2000, about which please see my Extreme
> Markup 2000 paper at
> http://clover.slavic.pitt.edu/~djb/sgml/extreme2000/birn0505.html,
> section 5.1.2, "Clean and Unclean Modification."

I wish I had read this paper earlier, I like the terminology of 'subset' vs.
'superset' DTD -- a good way to think about it.  I'll ignore the parts about
Omnimark out of fear and ignorance.


> Best,
> David
> Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> James Cummings wrote:
>>>  There are those which are subsets of
>>> tei_all (where element choices or values have been constrained, etc.)
>>> and those
>>> which are not.  Although both of these (if they have an ODD) are
>>> conformant
>>> documents, for the purposes of interchange and interoperability they are
>>> inherently different kinds of things.
>> I agree.
>> But I think it is essential that we establish definitely
>> how many others of the current TEI Council agree with this
>> paragraph, or think it is fundamentally going in the wrong
>> direction. Do we, or do we not, want to distinguish
>> between types of conformance?
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