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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sat Aug 12 13:13:32 EDT 2006

James Cummings wrote:
> At what point in changing the TEI with an ODD does my schema not 
> become kosher?  i.e. What can I do with ODD that makes my schema 
> non-kosher?
> The way I understand your reading is that:
> 1) I rename some elements = kosher
> 2) I remove some elements = kosher
> 3) I add some elements = kosher
> 4) I change some classes of existing elements = kosher?
> 5) I add elements from other namespaces (e.g. SVG?) = kosher?
> 6) I rename tei/teiHeader/text elements = not kosher?
> 7) I don't have (however named) title/publication/source description = 
> not kosher?
> 8) I create the root element in a different namespace = not kosher
which confusion was precisely why I tried to introduce degrees of 
and explain the rules. In fact, "kosher" is NOT the right parallel, as 
a yes/no distinction. Syd is (possibly) arguing that any schema for which
there is a valid TEI ODD is TEI-conformant. Pragmatically, I simply
cannot accept that. TEI documents which conform to a schema
meeting only 1) and 2) above are incontrovertibly "better" TEI
than some others, in my opinion; mainly because they are
more interchangeable. Is the document
<TEI><teiHeader>...</teiHeader><foo>hello world</foo></TEI>
_really_ muchuse to man or beast in a world of other TEI documents?

> I'm not saying both aren't conformant, but just that they are (and 
> will be perceived by the TEI community) as very different types of 
> document.  One they don't need to do (much) to 
> understand/access/process the other they do.

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