[tei-council] Please register for the TEI MM this week

Matthew Zimmerman matthew.zimmerman at nyu.edu
Tue Aug 1 22:25:38 EDT 2006

Dear council members,

I'd like to encourage you all to register and make your hotel 
reservations as soon as possible for the TEI annual meeting, which 
you can do at http://etcl.uvic.ca/public/tei2006/index.php. We need 
to get a sense of the number of attendees, for purposes of catering 
decisions and so forth. More importantly, the hotel is giving us a 
substantial discount on rooms and equipment if we fill a certain 
number of guest rooms, but if we can't fill the assigned room block 
we need to know that fairly soon so that we can renegotiate. It will 
be really helpful if all those who plan to attend the meeting can 
make their reservations within the next week or so.

Instructions for hotel reservations can be found at the site above, 
as well as the block code (Oct06TEIC) for receiving the event 
discount on room charges.

There's also a draft schedule for the meeting at that same site; a 
final version is pending a response from one more speaker.

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