[tei-council] First draft of TC M 25, notes from Tuesday's call, are up

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Wed Jul 26 21:33:26 EDT 2006

> > Text Critical chapter re-write: [?...?]
> My recollection here is that we decided to postpone the re-write
> until after 1.0, with the idea that if a new mechanism for
> text-critical markup is introduced, the old one would still kept
> for compatibility, and thus would not break any existing P5
> documents.

Fixed, thanks.

> > Action Council by 2006-09-01: come up with personal kill file of
> > elements to be considered for execution
> We actually did ask Council to add these as feature requests to the
> SF system.

Don't know how that didn't get in there. Thanks, fixed.

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