[tei-council] belated apology for missing last night's meeting

Conal Tuohy Conal.Tuohy at vuw.ac.nz
Tue Jul 25 19:09:03 EDT 2006

I apologise for missing the meeting last night. 

One of those really irritating combinations of circumstances. I didn't
have a print-out of the teleconference details, and when I tried to
access my email I was frustrated to find my internet connection was down
and wouldn't come back up. I couldn't get a tech support person at that
time of night. This morning I discovered that yesterday was the day my
ISP "automatically" (hah!) "upgraded" my connection to a new plan, which
actually required me to manually change my router's IP and gateway. The
moral I take from this is: "always print out important emails in


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