[tei-council] how much can one customize and still have a TEI document?

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jul 21 12:23:39 EDT 2006

Lou Burnard wrote:
> This states, as already noted in this thread, that you are not allowed 
> to remove the TEI Header, and furthermore specifies three topics 
> (identification, publication, source) that your header must address in 
> some way.
and since it does enforce any content model for this, it is of limited 
use as it stands
> (a) what mechanisms beyond a more formal statement of the limits of 
> modifiability are feasible?
if you said that TEI conformance mandates an ODD in existence, one could
write an ODD analyzer which implemented rules. ie it could detect
if the xmlns attribute changed, or <TEI> was deleted.
> (b) and what, beyond what's already on the table, should those limits be?
I have changed my wiki page to distinguish between levels
of _conformance_ and levels of  _compatibility_, and added
a global exception statement.

By the way, I would recommend that the conformance chapter adopt the W3C
language of "must", "may", "should" etc....

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