[tei-council] New discussion document on 1.0 release priorities

James Cummings James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Jul 21 05:48:24 EDT 2006

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> James Cummings wrote:
>> *shrug*  That all referenced items (elements, classes, etc.) exist in
>> the schema
>> would be the first major one.  It would have stopped me getting
>> problems with
>> the MsDescription/Names&Dates problem.
> no, I mean tell me what bit of software to use to check this...

*Shrug*  No idea there.  I was hoping jing/trang or similar might be able to do
this.  If it is RelaxNG XML syntax then I suppose one could write some XSLT to
do it, but this doesn't help with other schema formats.


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