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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Jun 20 18:28:27 EDT 2006

Lou's Laptop wrote:
> 1. CC defines both <person> and <personGrp> as potential members of 
> <listPerson>.  A <personGrp> is a "multi-headed" person treated as a 
> single individual, for example "the audience" , "a howling mob" etc.  
> It seems to me to make sense to treat <personGrp> in exactly the same 
> way as <person> therefore, but it was not proposed in persw06. Anyone 
> object if I add it? It is definitely needed for spoken corpus work and 
> I would have thought useful in other situations too.
seems unexceptional
> 2. I'd like to rename "particLinks" (the current wrapper for 
> <relation> elements) as <personLinks>. All in favour?
> 3. In Kyoto we discussed briefly where <listPerson> should be 
> permitted.  There was a feeling that it ought to be permitted inside 
> the body of a text, to which end it was moved into the class 
> model.biblLike. However, it is also a member of the 
> model.profileDescPart class, along with <particDesc>, <settingDesc> 
> etc. This means you can have a <listPerson> either directly within a 
> <profileDesc> or within a <particDesc> inside a <profileDesc> which 
> seems silly. I propose to remove its membership from 
> model.profileDescPart.
so it has to be inside <particDesc> in the header?

hmm. something bothers me about


seems like one layer too many. you might as well just drop particDesc 
entirely, or remove listPerson here

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