[tei-council] TEI next release

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Tue Jun 20 02:20:28 EDT 2006

> I've got those, run the jobs. What are the errors, though? it does
> not show the problem you reported in your last email. I am not a
> mind reader!

Just look at the generated HTML file. (The one I generated, not the
one you generated.) Every element content is messed up. E.g., search
for the string "<analyt" and scroll down a bit.

The reason I've been so explicit about the stylesheets and commands
I've used is that I won't be suprised if the problem is that I'm
doing something wrong. But if so, I'd like to know what it is, and

> I really don't agree that a TOC or not-a-TOC are "serious flaws"!

My instinct then is that either you haven't really tried to navigate
through these files very much, or I haven't done so enough to develop
your expertise -- doesn't matter. Either way, students being
introduced to the system find these files very difficult to use.
Putting in a few minor improvements -- visual dividers between
sections, tables of contents, etc. -- could make a world of

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