[tei-council] apologies

James Cummings James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Thu Jun 15 10:01:20 EDT 2006

Dear Council,

Perhaps an option is to audio-record the meetings so that slightly more detailed
minutes can be made, or notes taken during the meeting can be expanded upon.  I
know from previous experience that my note taking is poor at best[1] especially
when it is a meeting I'm interested in and have things to say at, hence why I
was more than happy for Matt to take them.

[1]see, for example, the first day of the TEI prosopography workshop here in oxford

Matthew Zimmerman wrote:
> I want to apologize for any roadblocks I erected to the Council's work
> by the extremely tardy notes and also some of the missing information
> (action item dates). It is a testament to the huge amount of work the
> Council does its meetings that taking notes of it is so difficult. I
> understand how important a record of the meeting is and how a roadmap is
> needed for the council to perform its work.
> I do hope though the notes give enough of a framework of the meeting to
> continue our work.
> I also want to apologize for anything I said on the list that may have
> offended any of the Council members or our Chair, Christian. Attending
> the Council meeting was a very humbling experience seeing the amount of
> work that gets accomplished. I'll work better next time ensure that work
> is reflected in the notes.
> Thank you.
> MZ
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