[tei-council] class updates: some post-Kyoto progress

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Sat Jun 10 18:52:39 EDT 2006

* <listRef> now requires at least 1 child <ptr>

* <region> and <country> are now 'macro.phraseSeq' instead of

* Merged <dateStruct> and <timeStruct> into <date> and <time>,
  respectively. Note that this raises problems, which I mentioned 
  previously, and have been partially discussed on this list in the
  thread with subject "adding (non-)Struct elements to <date> &

I am now working on the class decisions in "Transcription" section of

New stuff
--- -----
* Moved hand=, status=, and type= of <del> and <delSpan> to a new
  class 'att.authorialIntervention' of which <add>, <addSpan>, <del>,
  and <delSpan> are members.

* Moved place= of <add>, <addSpan>, <note>, and <witDetail> to a new
  class, 'att.placement', of which those same elements are now
  members. Note that this required some arbitrary changes when merging
  the various "suggested values include" list. I would appreciate it
  if Council members could look at the list[1] and comment.

I plan to look into moving <addSpan> and <delSpan> into att.spanning
later this weekend.

[1] Source:
    I've also put the generated HTML up for easy viewing for those who
    are not yet building P5 on their own.
    (That last one is the entire P5, and thus a *large* file.)

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