[tei-council] 4 questions about TD

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jun 2 12:14:44 EDT 2006

Laurent Romary wrote:
> I would like classes to define their own classes. At least, it would 
> make the management of each module easier.
Let's not get carried away here. We have no concept of "managing" 
modules in any sense
at the moment.....
> I like the word pattern and I would vote for patterSpec. Still, I 
> dislike in general  the notion of Macro in ODD, which should 
> progressively be replaced by a more ellaborate use of classes (cf. our 
> discussion in Kyoto on various content models associated to them...).
hurrah, another vote for "Macros Are Inherently Evil"!
> The underlying question is wheter the disctinction is a fondamental 
> one or not. We have not discussed that aloud, but I would like to make 
> the notion of model class (to which you can add elements ad libitum) 
> and attribute class (to which you could add new attributes ad 
> libitum...) more coherent. A topic for a further council meeting 
maybe we should think in terms of a stable P5 release, maintained over 
time, and a forked-off
TEI-NG release where we could start serious experimention?
> (BTW, any plans?,  would you want to come to Berlin?)
good idea!

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