[tei-council] Desktop Roma App

David J Birnbaum djbpitt+tei at pitt.edu
Tue May 30 18:51:43 EDT 2006

Dear Council,

A desktop Roma application is important for situations when one needs
Roma's functionality and does not have an Internet connection. This
happens to me regularly while traveling, whether on an airplane or on
the ground but in one of the many places that still inexplicably lack
wireless. The Java webstart approach is particularly appealing because
it would be system-independent, which means that we could run it
alongside our regular applications under our regular operating systems,
and it would update itself from the Internet when possible but would not
require Internet connectivity.

I would consider this type of application a high priority in terms of P5
packaging. It isn't necessary before we can declare P5 ready for public
use (making it lower than other matters on our list of action items),
but it does make it possible to develop P5 systems during the many times
when one does not have ready Internet access, and there doesn't seem to
be any alternative way to deliver that functionality.



Amit Kumar wrote:
 > Pursuant to our discussions @ Kyoto about the need for desktop Roma
 > app, Is that something council would
 > like me to investigate? I understand that the priority is low in the
 > list of action items, thus want to make sure
 > that it would be some use.
 > I would be most interested to know what Sebestian and other Roma
 > programming nerds think? My initial
 > inclination is for a Java webstart application that would work on the
 > desktop and would be able to update
 > itself when Internet is accessible.
 > Best,
 > Amit
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