[tei-council] adding (non-)Struct elements to <date> & <time>

James Cummings James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Wed May 24 05:01:05 EDT 2006

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

>>>>* We need to think through <dateRange> and <timeRange> with respect
>>>>  to data.duration, ISO 8601 range formats, and notBefore= &
>>>>  notAfter=.
>> the personography proposal wants to add @from and @to to
>> att.datable. is this relevant?

Am I remembering it correctly that the ISO:8601 handles
duration/periods/intervals absolutely fine, but that it is the W3C datatype
which doesn't?

I think ISO 8601 allows:

   1. Start and end, such as 2006-05-01T13:00:00Z/2006-05-11T15:30:00Z
   2. Start and duration, such as 2006-03-01T13:00:00Z/P1Y2M10DT2H30M
   3. Duration and end, such as P1Y2M10DT2H30M/2006-05-11T15:30:00Z
   4. Duration only, such as P1Y2M10DT2H30M

But that these aren't catered for in the W3C datatype.  (Which is a shame.)

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