[tei-council] TEI model classes future directions

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed May 24 03:50:48 EDT 2006

I posed the question of whether we want the TEI to
extend the meaning of model classes beyond its
current meaning of a set of alternates.  I believe
this to be a powerful tool; Lou has said he thinks
it's the way of the future; Syd has argued (unfortunately
not in a message to the Council - maybe you can repost
your thing about sets/lists here, Syd?) that it's a
slippery slope of confusion. Others cautiously say
it sounds like fun but aren't sure what the ramifications

So what do the rest of you feel? do you

  A.  not understand the technical argument
  B.  not care, it's nerdy detail the editors should sort out
  C.  feel violently that this is bad technological change for change's sake
  D.  just _love_ the idea
  E.  think that the immediate problems it may solve can
        be better dealt with another way, so we don't need
        to decide.

Module dependencies and element dependencies are an
orthogonal issue, I think.

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