[tei-council] coming to kyoto

Christian Wittern wittern at kanji.zinbun.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed May 10 18:44:35 EDT 2006

Susan Schreibman <sschreib at umd.edu> writes:

> Christian -- how long does the shuttle take vs the train?

It lies in the nature of things that while the train is running on a
fixed schedule and duration (75 minutes in this case), the time for
the shuttle is indeterminate.  They are competing on the price, as
Sebastian noted, but not on the time it takes, which they do not
announce.  Usually, they collect a few people with the same
destination for the shuttle, and deliver them one after the other, so
if you are unlucky, you might be the last and get an extra sightseeing
look through Kyoto for free.  

I personally do not live in the City proper, so I have not used this
specific shuttle service, but I have arranged it for people at various
occasions and it is also popular with those of my colleagues who use
it.  As always, your mileage may vary.  


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