[tei-council] May 9 Conference Call agenda

Matthew Zimmerman mz34 at nyu.edu
Sun May 7 14:09:30 EDT 2006

Dear Board,

Here is the agenda for the May 9th Conference call. Please review and:

1. Add any items you'd like
2. Resolve any actions items via email if possible so we don't have  
to discuss them on the call.
3. Be prepared to discuss the items assigned to you.


Action items from last conference call:

1. Approval of minutes from last conference call

2. SB: report on meeting with DLF

3. SR, CR, JU: report any development with moving website to virginia

4. DO, MZ: look into donation system.

5. MZ, JF, DP, VL: Discuss the role of Executive Director.

6. MZ, CR: Review secretary language in the Bylaws to ensure that we are
in compliance.

New Business:

1. JV: report on plans for 2006 Members meeting.

2. DO: report on Nominations committee

3. MZ: report on council meeting and TEI day in Japan.

4. Discussion of TEI logo, "P5-ready" logo, and TEI file icon.

5. LB ISO agreement.

6. JF: ALLC internationalziation grant.

7. MZ: Questions about recruiting while in Japan (mainly I would like
the schedule of membership fees for the different DIVs and also the
formula used to decide at what DIV and instituion joins.


Information for connecting to the conference call:

May 9, 2006

9:00 Lethbridge
10:00 Chicago
11:00 New York
16:00 London
17:00 Paris.

Dial numbers to enter conference:
Toll free in USA and Canada: 1.866.698.4855
Outside USA and Canada: +1 212.995.3900
Access # to get into conf.: 29048

Matthew Zimmerman
Faculty Technology Services, NYU
Tel: 212.998.3038
Fax: 212.995.4120

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