[tei-council] Unable to continue as TEI-Council member...

Alejandro Bia abia at umh.es
Tue Apr 25 08:01:41 EDT 2006

Dear TEI Council members,

Today I will not be able to attend the conference call, but this is not the 
only issue I have to communicate.

Since late 2004 many things changed in my life, most for good: new job, new 
born child, and much more... Unfortunately, now I can't find the time to 
contribute to volunteer activities like the TEI Council. Many times before 
I thought of quitting, and many times I thought I could find the time in a 
near future. At this point I must realize I won't. My TEI Council 
membership ends this year anyway, but I must admit right now (before 
expending 3000 euros of subscribers money on a trip to Kyoto) that I'm not 
able to make any useful contribution at present. So, much to my regret, I 
have to communicate that I'm leaving the Council.

I want to say that it was a real pleasure to get to meet each of you, and 
share experiences here and there. Nice work is being carried out within the 
TEI. Keep going!

But don't think I won't keep working with/for the TEI. In fact, one of the 
projects I don't want to abandon is multilingual markup (a.k.a. 
internationalization). Currently I have a team working on building some web 
resources for such purpose. Let's see what comes out of it.

Best regards,


e-mail: abia at umh.es

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   Centro de Investigación Operativa
   Universidad Miguel Hernández
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