[tei-council] class work

Lou lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sun Apr 16 14:24:56 EDT 2006

I've been trying to collate together the reports received so far, and 
thought I should check that I haven't missed any.

In no particular order, I have comments in for the following modules 
from the people indicated:

Corpus   (James/MattD)
Gaiji/Figures (sebastian/Christian)
Spoken (James)
MsDesc/Transcr (Dot/Susan)
Linking/Analysis (Conall)

Err, that's it. If you've sent something in which has got mislaid, 
please protest vehemently. If you haven't, and should have, PLEASE DO SO 

Meanwhile -- may the easter bunny shower blessings on those named above.


Christian Wittern wrote:

>Dear Council members,
>Some reports from the class assignment have been coming in, but
>overall the resonance has been underwhelming.  Without your work, we
>will not be able to continue with the development work of P5.  We need
>to get this into shape *before* our meeting here in Japan, which is
>only a month or so away.  So please look at this and sent us your
>comments within the next few days. 
>We also have a teleconference upcoming on Tue 2006-04-25, that is less
>than two weeks from now!
>All the best,

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