[tei-council] First draft of TC M 22, notes from Friday's call, are up

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sun Feb 26 07:53:02 EST 2006

"SB reports this was accomplished. It was agreed that Council members 
should review the current drafts listed in Syd's summary, and SB should 
revise them based on comments received."

- I think the necessary actions are (a) Council Members should review 
the wg outputs; (b) Syd should check the extent to which the outputs had 
been incorporated into SA and elsewhere in the Guidelines (c) the 
editors should agree on whether SA was now available for Council review

- " ??_NEED_URL_HERE_??."  http://" ->

- "It was agreed to follow LB's counter-proposal, using e-mail on the 
entire Council list. It was further agreed that rather than processing 
modules in some sequential order, each member of Council will be 
assigned some modules for which to propose what the class structure 
should be. Action CW w/ LB's help by 2006-03-04: create list of modules 
needing ‘class’ attention
Action CW by 2006-03-11: assign modules to Council members"

I don't think this represents the discussion accurately. The idea was to 
request Council members (individually or as groups) to volunteer to 
"adopt" a module or two for classificatory activity, having first 
checked out the current state of play in edw84. They should then then 
send their suggestions to CW, who would publish a definitive set of 
assignments in consultation with LB. These tasks need to be done fairly 
quickly, and I thought we had agreed on some dates, but I foolishly 
didn't write them down.

- "report document" -> report
"however, he does not want to post it to TEI-L until these formatting 
problems have been fixed." I don't remember Matthew saying that. Did he?
The formatting doesnt look so dusty to me -- it's quite readable anyway!

- "CT or LB to send JG name to MD.’ in my notes, but I have no idea what 
it means. HELP??)"
It means nothing to me I'm afraid.

- Under P5, I would like the record to show that I specifically 
apologised for not having produced a progress report for this meeting 
and promisedn to circulate one for inclusion in the minutes. Which I did.

> I have finished up a somewhat fast-and-lousy first draft of the notes
> from our teleconference Friday. Even if you don't have time to read
> the whole ting immediately (and it's not that long), please take a
> look, searching for your initials and the string "??". Please post
> any corrections, omissions, suggestions, etc., either to the list or
> send directly to me.
>   http://www.tei-c.org/Council/tcm22.xml?style=printable
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