[tei-council] tei day in kyoto 2006

Christian Wittern wittern at kanji.zinbun.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Feb 22 22:34:34 EST 2006

Dear council members,

This is an update on the state of planing for our Kyoto meeting.

I am planning a public event called "TEI Day 2006 in Kyoto" and asked
the TEI Board if they were willing to co-host it.  This will be on
Wednesday May 17.

OHYA Kazuo is helping me with getting people involved.  We now have
three presentations in Japanese in the morning, are planning for a
poster session after lunch (yes, yes!!) and will have five
presentations from Conal, Sebastian, Matthew, Lou OR Syd and James in
the afternoon, details tbd.  

It would be very good if all of you think about a poster
presentation -- this is probably the best way to get into conversation
with the audience and also to have more and diverse things presented. 

The Council meeting itself will then be on May 18 and 19.  

*IMPORTANT* Please give me your travel schedules as soon as possible.
 This is especially true for those mentioned above, since your travel
 will be covered by my Institute and we will make the room bookings
 etc. For the others: If you would like me to help you with the
 booking, please indicate so and give me the schedule, including
 arrival, departure, number of nights, number of guests etc.  I
 learned that May is high season for school trips to Kyoto (which is
 in fact true throughout the year), so it is important to make the
 reservations as soon as possible.

Looking forward to see all of you here in Kyoto soon,

All the best


 Christian Wittern 
 Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
 47 Higashiogura-cho, Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8265, JAPAN

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