[tei-council] More on TEI Lite: work in progress

Sebastian Rahtz Sebastian.Rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon Feb 20 16:22:21 EST 2006

 > The benefit of
> having TEI Lite here is that it comes with a very condensed tutorial
> which is far less intimidating than the whole Guidelines (it is also
> the only part of the TEI that has so far been translated in a range of
> languages other than English) and that it comes with downloadable
> schema files.  This latter fact is quite crucial for introductory
> courses, because the concepts necessary for understanding and using
> Roma to create a customization are beyond reach here. 

we can add gaiji to Lite, but not spend much time documenting it?

> Currently, I am
> preparing customized TEI Lite versions that differ from the "standard"
> TEI Lite only in that they have the gaiji-module added.
you use the new Lite, I hope ?

>  The
> impression this makes on participants is without fail that "standard"
> TEI is simply not up to the task of dealing with East Asian texts
> (since that is what I have to deal with in my courses), which gives
> them (in their eyes) a good excuse to avoid dealing with TEI at all.

you're saying most East Asian texts need gaiji?

> "For those working with standard forms of the European languages in
> particular, almost no special action is needed: "
> The action needed is either to convince the "any XML editor" to use
> UTF-8 or if that does not work, declare the encoding of the file to
> use iso-8859-1.  "No action" is surely asking for desaster here.

tell me which editors don't do the right thing?

> No.  XML uses only Unicode.  XML uses only Unicode.  XML uses only
> Unicode. 
*internally*, yes.

  If you specify an encoding in the XML declaration, what you
> do is specify a *subset* of XML. 

I dont agree. you specify the encoding that your document uses.
Most parsers will transcode it, but do not have to.

  You can not specify an encoding that
> can not be mapped to XML. 

which encodings cannot be mapped?

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