[tei-council] More on TEI Lite: work in progress

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Thu Feb 9 11:42:39 EST 2006

Sympathetic as I am to the suggestion that <g> should be usable in a TEI 
Lite document, I am also feeling somewhat daunted at the extra baggage 
this would entail. It isn't just a matter of adding <g>, you also have 
to add  all the paraphernalia of <charDesc> -- some dozen extra elements.

As a way forward, could all Council members take a moment to look at my 
current draft for a P5 version of TEI Lite and dispassionately review 
its contents?  Suppose you have to nominate two or three topics/elements 
which should be axed in favour of a proper treatment of <g> -- which 
would they be?

I'm also ready to hear suggestions about things I have axed but should 
restore, disagreement about the way I have expressed what I see as the 
design goals for this revision, suggestions for a change of emphasis etc.

I am less disposed to hear arguments along the lines "we mustn't touch 
this because it's already so widely deployed we can't change anything in 
it"... there's a lot in the current TEI Lite which cannot be carried 
forward unchanged from P4 to P5.

You can read the current draft at 

I would also like to open up this discussion to the hordes on TEI-L 
soonish, unless anyone on the Council suggests that the whole enterprise 
is fundamentally flawed.


John A. Walsh wrote:
> I'd also like to lobby for <g> in TEI Lite.
> John
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> On Feb 8, 2006, at 7:58 PM, Christian Wittern wrote:
>> "Lou's Laptop" <lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk> writes:
>>> Here's a brief note on some of the changes I am making in TEI Lite.
>> [...]
>> All this looks fine to me.  It seems it was time somebody looked at
>> TEILite carefully.
>>> 8. I plan to axe most of the discussion of character entities.
>> Will you add the <g> instead?  I would be *strongly* in favor of it!
>> Christian
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