[tei-council] More on TEI Lite: work in progress

Lou's Laptop lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Wed Feb 8 16:58:13 EST 2006

Here's a brief note on some of the changes I am making in TEI Lite.

1. The element <expan> wasn't previously available. I have added it to 
complement <abbr> and revised the discussion of how abbreviation should 
be handled, in line with the revisions for <corr>, <reg>, <orig>, <sic> 
etc. (and introduced <choice>, obviously).

2. The <series> element,  although listed as available in U5, isn't 
actually present in any version of the teilite dtd since 2004. I've 
removed discussion of it.

3. The elements <gi>, <code>, <ident>, <kw> were previously added as 
extensions; all but the last are available from the tagdocs module, so 
I've taken them from there now, adding <att>  and <val>  (but not <tag>) 
for good measure. I've retained <kw> as an extension. I'm open to 
persuasion as to whether to remove this, or to add <egXML>, <desc>, 

4. I have added <teiCorpus>: it has always been discussed in U5, but not 
actually included in the DTD for no very good reason.

5. As previously noted, I am trying to remove numbered divs. More on 
that anon.

6. I'm in the process of substantially revising the discussion of 
linking and pointers, in line with the new P5 regime.

7. I've revised the discussion of figures and graphics in line with how 
it is now presented in P5. I havent added <binaryObject> yet though.

8. I plan to axe most of the discussion of character entities.

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