[tei-council] changes to change

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Wed Feb 8 08:55:25 EST 2006

> <revisionDesc>
>   <change>
>      <date>19990810/22:31:38</date>
>      <respStmt>
>      <name>CW</name>
>      <resp>ed.</resp></respStmt>
>    <item>Created initial TEI XML version with BASICX.BAT
>    (99/8/10)</item>
>   </change>
> </revisionDesc>

> The P5 docs ... want to have just this ...

The docs you're looking at are incorrect. (I corrected them, but
after the snapshot was taken, I'm afriad.) The P5 representation
would be

|   <change date="1999-08-10T22:31:38" who="#CW">
|    Created initial TEI XML version with BASICX.BAT
|    (99/8/10)
|   </change>

The stylesheet at
will get you most of the way there. (It does not generate the
   <respStmt xml:id="CW">
     <name>Christian Wittern</name>

> I would prefer to have the old content model as an alternative, but
> maybe I am overlooking something?

You could probably convince me that the P4 model is better than the
P5 model, and thus that we should switch it back. But the idea of
having two alternative models strikes me as a very bad idea. Why
double the work of anyone querying or formatting a <revisionDesc>?

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